We are constantly rotating inventory to be able to offer our clients the latest and greatest in amusement and equipment options. View our rides, games and equipment for sale. You may purchase any of these items that are in this category. Call us for for more up to date information and pricing.

Dimensions: 6'L x 3'W x 5'H

Cruisin' USA is a Single driving game and can link 2 of them together. Two person game also available by linking both of them. Great for ages 8 and up.

Dimensions: 25'L x 20'W x 5'H

"Vroom Vroom!!! Pedal inside a three-wheeled foam-padded car and try to knock your opponent over!" Great for ages 10 and up

Dimensions: 4'L x 10'W x 7'H

Have you ever gone to the Fair and wanted to dunk the clown? Well now you can and practice, practice, practice, when we set up our Dunk Tank at your next event. Fantastic for any outdoor party. You...

Dimensions: 5'L x 4'W x 3'H

Fun for all, this Foosball Table, also called table soccer is fun for hours and hours. Includes 2 Foosball balls. Fo up to 6 players at a time

Dimensions: 25'L x 25'W x 30'H

Challenge yourself and your friends on our Rocky Mountain, inflatable Rockwall. This giant 30' inflatable simulates mountain climbing as it should be, safe and fun. Slip on our climbing harness and...

Dimensions: 24'L x 24'W x 4'H

9 Hole inflatable Miniature golf course accommodates up to 9 players at a time. Great for ages 5 and up

Dimensions: 5'L x 3'W x 5'H

The House of the Dead is a rail shooter light gun game. Players use a light gun to aim and shoot at approaching zombies. The characters' pistols use magazines which hold 6 rounds; players reload by...

Dimensions: 15'L x 15'W x 9'H

"Left hand yellow right hand blue!! Remember the old game of placing your feet and hands on different colors?!? Well, it is back with a whole new twist. Ultimate Amusements Inflatable Twister, 15...

Dimensions: 22'L x 12'W x 12'H

Be your favorite Superhero and run, sprint or fly through the Justice League, child themed obstacle course. Great for ages 4 and up

Dimensions: 45'L x 25'W x 12'H

Complete with 12 laser guns and over 1125 square feet or space. Compete individually or as teams. Includes up to 6 players and 6 laser guns per game. This laser tag game and arena is mobile and can...

Mad Hatter is one of our many Alice in Wonderland props and decor

Dimensions: 32'L x 14'W x 17'H

This is no ordinary locomotive. While inside you can play Twister, bounce, climb and slide. Great for ages 5 and up and up to 6 Patron(s) at one time.

Dimensions: 35'L x 18'W x 8'H

Finally a good adrenaline rush! This Obstacle Course totals over 70' from start to finish.

Over the Rainbow is one of our many props and decor.

Dimensions: 4'L x 3'W x 5'H

The Photo Booth includes 2 sets of 4 images per strip and unlimited quantities per hour. Several options to choose from such as, the 4th image as a logo or image of the guest of honor, memory stick...

Dimensions: 7'L x 4'W x 3'H

Ping Pong Table. Includes 4 ping pong balls and 4 ping pong paddles. For up to 4 players at a time

This table top version is smaller but offers more flavors to choose from!

The Rabbit and Alice is one of our many Alice in Wonderland props and decor

Dimensions: 8'L x 2'W x 3'H

In tabletop shuffleboard, players slide weighted pucks down the length of the table in an attempt to score the most points. A player often will try to use his puck to knock one of the opponent's pu...

A Sock Hop wooden board cut out is one of our many props and decor


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