Game Show Face Off Podium

Face-Off! is an exciting fast moving game show system that sets up fun in minutes! At the Face-Off! player positions, extra-large hit buttons make it easy for contestants. Arrows highlighted with bright LED’s indicate which player has locked out and show the audience who buzzed in first. LED scoring from 0-9 keeps track of the competition. LED scoring can be turned off for different variations of game play. Score keeping is automatic and even includes two goose neck microphones. Built in sound effects for lockout, correct, and wrong answers enhance the game show experience. There is an audio output for easy hook-up to standard sound system. Easily hook up two units and create a four player game show system. Play a wide variety of trivia games, emulate popular Feud type games or play audience friendly Face-Off games connect two Face-Off units together to create a four player game show system!


18"L x 23"W x 41"H


1, 15-20amp/120v circuit

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