Family Fued, Corporate Fued or Kids Feud - Game Show

This game is awesome. We have 2 teams just like the Family Feud game show. Each team is on there own side. A representative of each team faces off to start the game, the contestant that has a higher survey has the chance to play or pass. If they play then they need to sweep the board otherwise the other team has a chance to steal and take the points. The first team that reaches a certain number wins and then a new game with new contestants begins again. The client or we can supply the questions as well. There is an additional fee for us to enter the client's questions and answers in the database. For the Family Feud game we have a Screen and projector and technician that works the game board. This game also comes with the podiums and microphones. You've seen the show on tv. Now can you tell us what the top 5 fruits that 100 random people selected. Get ready to make the steal if the other team doesn't have the answer... Survey Says? Great for children and adults *The client and or end user can add their own decor*. *Clients and or end users can customize their podiums* *Pictures are from events we have performed but not supplied*


20'L x 20'W x 6'H


2, 110v/15amp circuits

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