Mobile Escape Room - Escape the Da Vinci Code

Call for description and hourly pricing. Escape the DaVinci Code Over 500 years ago, the Priory of Sion was formed to protect the most kept secret in modern day history, the Holy Grail. You have found clues leading to these secrets and are very close to finding out the truth about the Grail. You have 20 minutes to find the keystone, decode secret messages which also include the famous Fibonacci sequence, the key to unlocking the mystery. Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Difficult Family Friendly and up to 12 per room at one time and up to 20 minute games. Includes: The entire turnkey system (proprietary), Staff, supplies and climate controlled. *Copywrite, Registered Trademark and Patent Pending* All Rights Reserved* Ultimate Mobile Escape Rooms


12'W x 22'L x 8'H


2, 15-20amp/120v circuits

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