Airbrush Body Art

How long do the tattoos last? The temporary tattoos last on average 2-7 days depending on your skin type and where you put your tattoo. Legs, in general, last the longest, then arms, then back, and then chest/stomach. Oily skin will cause the tattoo to come off faster than normal skin. Furthermore, if your customer loves to wear tight clothing, it is not recommended that the tattoo be placed directly under that. Also, wet clothing will just wear off the tattoo. If your customer is wearing a wet t-shirt or bathing suit, for example, avoid placing the tattoo directly under their wet clothing. Are the tattoos waterproof? Yes, our temporary airbrush tattoos are waterproof, however you must take care of them. Do not rub or scrub tattoo, pat or air dry tattooed area powder after bathing and before sleeping keep tight fitting clothing from rubbing on tattoo do not apply any oils or lotions on tattoo do not shave over tattoo. How long does it take to spray one Airbrush Tattoo? 2 minutes on average (this is the average spraying time of our fully trained Ultimate Amusements employee). How long before they are dry? They are dry immediately. How do you take them off? Rubbing alcohol or oil. Rubbing alcohol takes them off immediately. Is this a Henna? No! Henna is an ink that stains your skin. Ultimate Amusements airbrush airbrush tattoos do not stain your skin; they sit on top of your skin and can be removed immediately. Is it safe? The body paints are made with all FDA approved non-toxic ingredients. Alcohol is the most possibly irritating ingredient although we have NEVER even heard of any problems with any of our tattoos. Do not spray the ink into the eyes and avoid the face.


6'W x 6'L x 6'H


1, 120v/15-20amp circuit

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